Value Badges

We at Balkae believe that conscious shopping is truly a dynamic process. Considering the ongoing research and constant developments, there are new learnings every day for making sustainable choices. We have broken down the different conscious values that each product carries. They are represented by ‘Value Badges’ to help you make informed and thoughtful purchases.

70% Biodegradable

At least 70% of the product's raw materials are environmentally friendly and degrade easily.


At least 50% of the product composition is made with reused or recycled raw materials.


The product is certified by PETA or assures to adhere to the following:
The products and ingredients are not tested on animals.

No Toxins

The product does not contain SLES/SLS, petroleum, phthalates, mineral oil, formaldehyde, siloxanes, triclosan, lead, mercury, arsenic, ethanolamines, benzophenone, or AZO dyes.


The product is certified by PETA Certification or assures to adhere to the following:
The raw materials or ingredients do not include any animal products (live or dead) or by-products of animals.

Handmade With Love

The product is predominantly handmade.

Small Business

The product is offered by a business with lesser than 10 employees.

Made with Organic

The product is certified by a reputed board or assures to adhere to the following criteria:

For Beauty:

At least 95% of the plants in the entire formula are organic

At least 35% of the entire leave-on formulas (creams, serums, oils, etc.) should be organic

At least 35% of the entire rinse-off formulas (face wash, shampoos, etc.) should be organic

At least 20% of the minerals in the entire formulas should be organic

For Apparel & Accessories: At least 80% of the materials are derived from organic farming.

Endangered Art

The product embraces dying arts, crafts, and skills.


For Apparel & Accessories:
The product is made with plant-based alternatives to leather, wool, silk, and other animal-derived raw materials.

For Beauty:
Up to 60% of the total formula is plant-based.


At least 1% of the product's sales go to a charity partner.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

The product is certified Carbon Neutral by a reputed board or assures to adhere to the following:
Plants saplings
Uses renewable energy
Ensures Zero Wastage
Reduces Travel based carbon emissions

Happy Workforce

The factory workers are paid a living wage and no child labour or human trafficking is involved. Their factory or subcontractors is/are compliant with all local labour laws.

Low Water Footprint

The product was made with minimal water consumption and lesser wastage.

Damage Reversal

The effluents of any production process are treated before disposing of in the environment.